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These certifications are valid for a period of five (3) years.The certification designations are as follows

Student Level Certification

* Level – 1: Certified Basic Broadcast Systems (CBBS)
Note: Registration Is Open For CBBS

Certification For Broadcast Manager

(Registration is Open)

We have recently launched Certified Broadcast Operations Manager (CBOM) certification. This certification definitely helps in improving your managerial skills.

Course Objectives
This course is specifically for the upcoming managers or those managers who have sufficient experience and knowledge of technical skills but lack in other managerial skills. The objective of this course is to provide basics of what is required to run the operations of a broadcast setup. This includes a flavor of technology with a blend of marketing and client servicing.

Course Benefits
The course will help in improving the management skills that are essential to run a technology setup. How to sell an external or internal project, how to manage the project, what should be the mode of communication and how to manage the team will be the part of the learning objectives of this course.